The advent of social media has played a significant role in changing the outlook of travel inspiration, ultimately transforming the planning approach of travellers. Those who are setting out on their vacations no longer rely on travel guides to take expert advice. Instead, they have the privilege to see it live, on Instagram and access the information across the web in the form of videos, pictures and genuine reviews. Travellers can access real-time information and book flights to the destination, which inspires them the most. Here are our 2020 most instagramable destinations to provide you with some inspiration for your next vacay:


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Content made in Amsterdam gets the most likes on Instagram. Be it the liberal laws of the city or the gorgeous architecture and picturesque canals; Amsterdam has become one of the most instagrammable places to travel. Amsterdam is also the best place to get you started since it is so close to the UK, and you can find cheap flights to Amsterdam in a heartbeat. You can visit the city over the weekend, retaining your day job, and upload awesome and intriguing pictures on Instagram.  Exploring Amsterdam will garner attention from advertisers who might fund your future expeditions. It’s a win-win for all.


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Going to Greece is the most obvious next step. We have all stopped scrolling down our Twitter feeds to give a little closer look at the white and blue building on the shores of Corfu and Santorini Islands. We all want to be there. Become the one people aspire to be and visit Greece to inspire your audience with more Instagram trips. Put that passion for photography to good use and take captivating snaps of the white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and a cocktail in your hand. This is going to be your workplace now: a setting sun over the Ionian Sea and the pinkish-yellowish blue sky with invading twinkling starlight. Jealous already!

Algarve, Portugal

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Plan to walk bare feet on the beaches of Algarve in Portugal, next summer break. The main city of this region, Faro, is also an interesting place to visit and has cathedrals and monuments built in classical Iberian architecture. Taking pictures here would be something new and unconventional for your social media audience. Algarve already has a large English speaking community, so you would not find it difficult navigating through the place. Make friends with the local Englishmen, who could hint at a fantastic location in Algarve to highlight on your Instagram page. In our opinion, Portugal is one of the most instagrammable countries in Europe. If you desire to jump-start your career as a social media influencer maybe it would be best to come to Algarve sooner. We all have an aesthetic sense that can capture the ethereal beauty of ordinary life and preserve it in the camera lens. Share your hidden artist with the rest of the world and make it a profession.

Positano, Italy

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The town of Positano is plastered vertically on the hill next to the beach. This means that even the cheapest hotels would have that million-dollar view. The town of Positano is not more than a 90-minute ride from Naples, and along the way, you can get extremely captivating shots of the rustling Gulf of Naples. Mount Vesuvius stands tall and is also visible from the highway. Make sure your cameras are fully charged when you visit Marina Grande beach, at the base of the hillside. With the boats floating in the azure of the sea, under the towering city of Positano, you are bound to find the best image on Instagram on these shores.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The list of most popular locations on Instagram 2019 will be incomplete if it does not mention Dubrovnik. Thanks to HBO series ‘The Game of Thrones’, the city of Dubrovnik now has a cult following among avid travellers and tourists. The Fortress Walls on the coast were filmed for their rustic beauty and medieval charm, and some Instagram celebrities have used the location for a cosplay photo shoot. Apart from the media glamour, Dubrovnik has also a serenity that is unlike any other city. Try capturing the Croatian peace, as the golden lights of the city shimmer on the dark blue sea on a fortunate evening.

Marrakesh, Morocco

It is time to jump across the Mediterranean Sea and explore the world beyond Europe. By now, you would have enough traction on Instagram for small firms and businesses to sponsor your trip. Just scrolling through your Instagram page would awe people not only from the UK but from all over the world. Adding Marrakesh to your list would make your Instagram page diverse and even more substantial. The attraction of tapestries and motifs covering the arabesque city of Marrakesh is enough to make a few of your posts to go viral. Capture the breeze blowing over the hill of freshly ground spice at the famous central bazaar and transport your audience to another continent in a flash. Explore the new culture by wearing the traditional attire of the country and attract more followers by being a global citizen.

Cape Town, South Africa

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There is no better way to start exploring the savannas of Africa than by first visiting Cape Town. The Table Mountain – flattened at the top and a natural wonder – is just one reason to plan one of your instagrammable vacations to this southern tip of Africa. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a good place to take pictures of rare flowers and birds and gives your Instagram page more depth and encourages the message of nature conservation. If your Instagram lacks deep blue, green and gold colours, Cape Town will make your photos pop and your social media presence more vibrant. Do not forget to take the Table Mountain Ariel Cableway for the eagle-view photographs of the entire city.

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali has attracted many travellers from all over the world since the 1970s. The island retains its tropical majesty and appeal and remains a hub of luxury travel in Asia. From one of the inland hilltop resorts, one can capture the ascending clouds from the rain forest below. The endless beaches of Bali, and the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean, warm to the touch, demand a few entries into your Instagram profile page. The island province of Bali has everything to mesmerize an online audience – an active yet non-threatening volcano, rocky cliffs, brilliant beaches and mystical caves. When you have enough pictures of Sanur Beach, walk into the Elephant Cave or Goa Gajah, and capture that magic caved in stone.

Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket is pretty well known for its beauty in the backpackers’ community of the world. You do not need to come up with new and unknown places all the time. It is best to resort to popular and relatable destinations to cultivate a larger audience on Instagram. This way, you can share your experience and expect a question or a comment to come back your way. Phuket can enhance your experience as a world traveller and a professional photographer. The city can make you a significant social media personality. The Big Buddha Temple statue always graces the Instagram page of every visitor to Phuket, but you can show the less advertised side of the island. There is the Flying Hanuman zipline through the canopies of the forests in Phuket that you can beautifully capture in your mind’s eye right now. Be a food stylist and take pictures of traditional dishes, like a steaming bowl of Tom Yum, which can give your page a new dynamic.

Gold Coast, Australia

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This is the ultimate dream of a travel blogger on Instagram – to visit the Australian Gold Coast. It is a plus if you know surfing because then you can take those awesome pictures as you ride through the barrel of water. The Gold Coast is known for its surf worthy waves. Even if you do not know how to surf, take a few snaps of the beach with the surfers riding those monster waves in the background. You do not need to travel further inland, stick to the coast and discover waterfalls and take these photographs from many angles. The Gold Coast is also a good place to scuba dive to capture the rainbow-coloured marine life in your camera. Plan the trip between June and November and take a shark diving tour for an overwhelming response from your Instagram fan base.

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