Festivals are a time of merry-making. The Ladakh festival is the best way to view, enjoy and experience the culture of Ladakh. Festivals in Ladakh are organized on various occasions such as birth, marriage, the commemoration of head Lamas who found the monasteries, harvesting, flowering, and Losar or New Year.

Key Attractions: Polo, Craft stalls, Archery, and Music concert.

Ladakh Festival Polo iyaatra holidays

Ladakh festival is extensively celebrated by the locals to showcase their ardour. It usually lasts for 15 days, this year it’s going to start from 22nd of September. The procession begins from Leh, passes through the market with singing and dancing to the traditional tunes, later the procession ends at the Polo ground. Performance is showcased from all different parts of Ladakh during this festival. Music, theatre, polo, archery, mask, and folk dances, showcasing all of the local arts and crafts, etc are the highlights of this festival. Stretching over a duration of over two weeks, the Ladakh festival is organized by the state’s tourism department. The idea of the festival is to enrich and promote Ladakh’s culture, heritage, a tradition for the world to admire upon.

Heritage culture of ladakh - Music Concert iyaatra holidays

The Lakadh festival is a wonderful opportunity for the tourists to get accustomed with the culture and lifestyle of the people in the region. Also you can get indulged in various cultural activities such Archery contest, Polo matches, costume dances, masked dances, craft stalls, local cuisines, Thanka exhibitions and even a music concert. Ladakh Festival 2019 is a must-attend annual fiesta during your tourism in Ladakh, witness an extravaganza of music, dance and handicrafts in the courtyards of the sacred monasteries of Ladakh. You can also be a part of this auspicious festival or just watch as a spectator, either way you are going to create memories and cherish forever.

ladakh festival Archery event iyaatra holidays

What To Expect: The main events and programs which can one surely expect at the Ladakh Festival 2019 consist of colorful folk dance that also includes the famous dance of the Chhams (Mask dance), music, theatre, Polo and Archery competitions. You can also expect to witness a diversity of culture of various regions where performers come from all the parts of Ladakh and celebrate with utmost grandiosity and joy

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Ladakh Insider: Ladakh, it is also known as the little Tibet, the cold desert atop India, Ladakh offers magnificent sights and sounds that have been mesmerizing tourists, adventure buffs, trekkers, and hikers over the years. The fairs and festivals in Ladakh present an opportunity to the people to celebrate, interact with each other, form new bonds and renew the old ones- in other words they allow the people of Ladakh to stir up their otherwise still lifestyle.

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