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The Manali Vibes – everything you need to know about and places around Manali


Manali, amidst the hilly slopes, is a paradise for mountain lovers with spell-binding views, charming streams, the fairy-tale-like fog surrounding little hidden cottages, and a lingering scent of pines and freshness. Oh, and you can ride a yak or ride your bike up the famous Rohtang pass to Leh, the valley of the gods.

Whether you want to escape to a coastal campsite or take a break amidst the mountains, you will find several wonders in Manali. From a night camp and an adventure camp to a riverside camp and (let’s not forget) a Manali trekking camp, there is no dearth of exhilarating camping sites in this popular hill station. Manali is surely a treasure trove of camps and adventure. 

Jotted some places below to find out where to visit across Manali to find the vibes right.


Solang Valley

14 km off Manali, Solang Valley is yet another amazing little retreat that Himachal Pradesh has given us. It is popular among adventure freaks and also for people looking for just a serene escape away from the hustle-bustle of city life. It is India’s very own Ski resort and is popular, especially around the wintertime. The numerous adventure sports offered in Solang Valley make the place extremely fun for everyone.

The lush green fields cover the terrain as far as the eye can go, the beautiful blue sky colors itself with those white fluffy clouds and the snowy white mountains makes one feel that they are in midst of heaven.

Solang Valley is also a destination for a lot of adventures which are:

  • Paragliding     
  • Gondola
  • Quad Biking                  
  • Skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Camping

Village Sarsai

The campsite of Manali is the best description for this place called Sarsai Village, Just a 20 mins drive from Manali this place is best for picturesque camping and adventure.

Nothing can bring camping and adventure together better than Tenstsville Camping, located in Kullu’s Bhanupal district. This camping-cum-adventure camp in Manali is surrounded by beautiful mountains, stunning valleys, tall pine forests, and glittering waterfalls. Enjoy thrilling activities during the day and relax around crackling campfires at night. When you think this Manali adventure camp can’t get better, you will be amazed to know that you might get a chance to spot wildlife as well.

Bhanu Bridge

This wonderful location ranks high on the list of the best camping places to visit in Manali. Bhanu Bridge is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular destinations to enjoy surreal riverside camping. Pitch your tent under the starry sky, enjoy the cool breeze, sounds of waves, and indulge in river rafting in the morning. It surely can’t get any better!


Tirthan Valley

If you are looking for Isolation, Rejuvenation, Peace, a Soothing environment, or just want to get out of this hustle-bustle in the cities, Tirthan Valley is where one should visit. The valley comprises 360 degrees of picturesque view and peaceful nature.

Beas River

The main stream running throughout manali coming straight from the himalayas is The Beas River ,if you like camping besides the river plus lush greenery and towering mountains with the mesmerizing sound of the river all around this is the best place to pack your tent kits and fold yourself in this environment.


Sethan Valley – so close yet so far! This tiny little unknown hamlet lies ridiculously close to Manali to be this unknown! Overseeing the Dhauladhar Range, Sethan is a great year-round destination for folks that are not interested in the tourism trap. Lying about 12 KMs from Manali, the Buddhist village of Sethan provides a wonderland of activities and adventures to partake in.

Covered in blankets upon blankets of snow during winters, and a perfect place of rock climbing and bouldering in the summers – Sethan Valley has it all! The panoramic sight of Dhauladhar and the conclusive stillness is what gives Sethan its mystique. Lastly, before you get delving into all the beautiful information on the village, remember Sethan is a restricted area, and you will be hard-pressed to find many tourists around! So enjoy the seclusion, dear explorer.

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions about Vacations. But if you do have some more queries, connect with iYaatra Holidays. They can help you pick the right holiday plan that fits your budget.

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