These Cafes In Shimla Are A Heavenly Pit Stop For Food Loving Travelers!

1. Cafe Sol, Hotel Combermere

Cafe Sol iyaatra holidays

Specializing in continental food, Cafe Sol is one of the flagship cafes in Shimla that cater to the people who enjoy international cuisine. Bright interiors, peppy atmosphere, and a pleasant fragrance liven up the mood of visitors for a memorable culinary experience.

2. The Devicos Restaurant & Bar

The Devicos iyaatra holidays

The Devicos is one of the few popular cafes in Shimla that offer the entire range of cuisine right from Indian, Chinese, and even Continental. Mostly renowned for its night time ambiance, Devicos brings the party atmosphere right to the heart of Shimla.

3. The Restaurant, The Oberoi Cecil

Cecil Restaurant iyaatra holidays

Upscale dining in Shimla has always been at the forefront since the time of the Britishers. That tradition has proudly carried on for more than a century to a time where now, the international cuisine has been revolutionized and its know-how has been spread out to the far reaches.

The Restaurant has a wide-ranging menu that offers traditional food of Shimla, international cuisine, and an impressive wine collection.

4. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House iyaatra holidays

Indian Coffee House is an iconic eatery in Shimla that recently came into news after Prime Minister Modi paid a visit to the cafe for a quick bite and a cuppa while on his trip to Himachal. Not a bad advertisement for the cafe if the nation’s Prime Minister has been visiting the place for more than 2 decades.

Out of all the cafes in Shimla, here is the place where you would expect to find the locals converging to talk about the daily news with a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

5. Ashiana & Goofa

Goofa and Ashiana iyaatra holidays

A popular restaurant in the lower bazaar area of Shimla, Ashiana & Goofa is a good place to taste Shimla food. The restaurant enjoys a prime location that is smack in the middle of the tourist hub. For an overall experience, the staff is friendly, food is tasty, and the price range is very affordable for the services that are offered.

6. Honey Hut

Honey Hut iyaatra holidays

One of the unique cafes in Shimla- Honey Hut is an eco-friendly project started by a group of entrepreneurs that add a touch of honey to their products that they sell. With an option of indoor and outdoor seating, the cafe has recently picked up a lot of accolades and has become popular with the younger generation in Shimla.

7. Wake and Bake Cafe

Wake and Bake Cafe iyaatra holidays

A cafe with a view of the bustling Mall Road, Wake and Bake is a two-story eatery that offers a wide variety of food both Indian and continental. Known for its hearty breakfasts and finely brewed coffee, travelers will definitely not mind coming here multiple times during one visit to Shimla.

8. Cafe Simla Times

Cafe Simla Times iyaatra holidays

Out of all the cafes in Shimla, this one takes the prize for being the most creative and stylish restaurant. For a cafe that has been less than 2 years into its inception, Cafe Simla Times has picked up rave reviews and a lot of good publicity with its excellent food, good service, and delightful ambiance.

9. Eighteen71

Eighteen71 iyaatra holidays

Another one of the fresh cafes in Shimla that has only been established last year, Eighteen71 is a delightful dining experience that offers all kinds of cuisine mainly curated to cater the younger and more exuberant travelers visiting Shimla. Travelers would appreciate this cafe for the effort that the cook takes in preparing a delectable dish more than anything.

10. Himachali Rasoi

Himachali Rasoi iyaatra holidays

As funny as it may sound, being in Shimla and finding local cuisine can be a very tough ask for a traveler. With the popularization and promotion of international themed cafes in Shimla, the local food took the back seat and slowly vanished from the visible area.

This makes the effort of a revival of the Himachali cuisine all the more necessary and impressive made by the Himachali Rasoi. A welcome change for travelers who have probably seen enough of cafes in Shimla that carry an international taste palate.

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